In October, Men’s Challenge, which has its origins here in the Carnation City, will bring its services to Massillon. The new location in Duncan Plaza follows a similar expansion into Canton in 2014, according to a story in today’s edition. 

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Men’s Challenge grows again

Editorial. Alliance Review 17 Aug. 2018

Men's Challenge, a faith-based ministry that helps men rebuild their lives

Ickes, Samantha. The Independent 15 Aug. 2018

Prisoners released back into the community often have difficulty finding work. Men without a driver’s license struggle to hold a job without reliable transportation. Recovering drug addicts must find the support they need to stay clean and pass a drug test.

All are welcomed with open arms at Men’s Challenge, a faith-based ministry designed to identify the barriers preventing a man from finding employment and building him up for success.

Men’s Challenge originated in Alliance in 2012 and expanded to Canton in 2014. The free program will set up in Massillon in Duncan Plaza to help men who experience difficulty finding a job. The course consists of eight classes designed to prepare them for employment.

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Men’s Challenge Is Changing Lives

Rivers, Gary. News-Talk 1480 WHBC 1 Mar. 2018.


Rex Morey, with Men’s Challenge, was a guest on the Gary Rivers Show Thursday morning.

Men’s Challenge is here to help men who have lost hope and don’t have the resources to get their lives back together.    They teach a series of job skills classes, provide instruction and assistance in everyday life, connect them with Christian “Coaches” who can help them and train them to work. Along the way, they are taught how to be restored to their families, their churches, their communities and their God.

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Canton leg Men’s Challenge Going StronG

Goshay, Charita.  Canton Repository 16 Dec. 2017.

Thursday was Don Stolte’s graduation day.


The father of three smiled as he accepted the applause of his peers and mentors for completing eight weeks at Men’s Challenge.

“This program has benefited me in so many ways,” he said. “It made me feel really positive. It’s prepared me to go back into the mainstream of life.”

Men’s Challenge is a faith-based program that strives to help men reboot for employment through job-readiness training, said Director Rex Morey.

“We seek to connect men with their faith, their family, and their future,” he said.

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Men’s Challenge helps participants recover their lives

Goshay, Charita.  Canton Repository 8 Oct. 2016.


Men’s Challenge, a faith-based ministry with offices in Alliance and Canton, helps men rebuild their lives.

Like so many communities, the city of Alliance is struggling to right itself economically, which can it make it difficult for men seeking to find their footing.

For five years, Men’s Challenge has been helping men redirect their lives and become productive citizens, involved fathers and active church-goers.

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Meet our Community Workforce Development Leadership Award Winner, Men’s Challenge

Kozy, Christa.  Lake Township Chamber of Commerce 16 Feb. 2016.

The Lake Township Chamber presents the Community Workforce Development award for the creation of Men’s Challenge, a local non-profit organization that serves a population in need in our region.  Part six in our blog series honoring our Leadership Award recipients focuses on this Christ centered multi-step program which empowers men to take up their God-given roles as providers and protectors of the family.

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Men take challenge to overcome problems, step up

Hall, Malcolm.   Canton Repository 9 Feb. 2014.


Men’s Challenge expands from its Alliance roots and establishes a second site in Canton.

The overnight news of 40 people arrested during a recent Alliance drug raid was grim, and classroom instructor James Gray made brief mention of it to highlight his lesson.

Some of those picked up had been enrolled in the Men’s Challenge program in that city.

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Men’s Challenge celebrates 2nd year of success stories

Huffman, Laurie. The Alliance Review 24 Jan. 2014. 


Men’s Challenge celebrated its second anniversary Tuesday with a small cake party following the class held in Alliance that evening.

“Starting our new Canton location and moving our meeting place in Alliance is keeping us pretty busy right now,” said Paul Dykshoorn, one of the founders of the organization. The faith-based organization has a mission of helping men help themselves so they can, in turn, support their families.

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