Men's Challenge offers a three step program that helps men address barriers they may face when pursuing a job so they can be competitive for good paying jobs.

1.  Job Skills Training Classes:  Companies are looking for candidates who are willing to work and possess the skills that will help their companies be successful.  To help men demonstrate they have the necessary skills to be a success, Men's Challenge offers eight classes where participants can learn and prepare to be competitive candidates.

2.  Coaching and Mentoring: Who do you turn to if you need advise or could use a new perspective?  A mentor can help you work through challenges to help you improve your skills.  Men's Challenge connects its participants with coaches who provide mentoring so they can learn what it takes to succeed in today's market.

3.  Workshops: Men who are almost ready to face the reality of today's workforce may participate in workshops to help them gain an advantage over other candidates who may not have real-life work experience.  We offer one-day unpaid workshops and four-week paid workshops for those participants who would like to be more competitive.